Im-paw-tant tips for pet-proofing

Any carpet with a plush or cut pile will be the easiest for removing surface hair and mess caused by your furry friends.

By Darren Palmer , Geelong Carpet Court

Which flooring should you look for if you have a cat or dog that’s prone to burrowing, digging or scratching?

We would recommend hard flooring in this instance. Even the most well-behaved pet will have occasional accidents which could be devastating to carpets.

If you prefer softness underfoot, you could use synthetic fibre rugs that can cover large areas, as they can be easier to clean and replace. SDN (solution-dyed nylon) fibres are the most robust in terms of colour fastness, giving them the best possible chance of resurrection should the worst occur.

Which kinds of carpets are allergen-friendly and easiest to clean?

Any carpet with a plush or cut pile will be the easiest for removing surface hair and mess. Make sure to use a carpet with lots of colour variation and irregular or organic patterns for the best results.

As a fibre, wool has naturally hypo-allergenic qualities and so is preferable if you need to keep irritants to a minimum. Wool also has the benefit of naturally containing lanolin, which makes it naturally water-resistant, affording you a little more time to attend to spills or accidents if they occur.

What kinds of hard flooring are the best options for pet owners?

Technology is constantly delivering more durable, adaptable and forgiving flooring materials, such as hybrid laminate flooring. Fusing the visual qualities of timber with the practicalities of vinyl or laminate, you literally get the best of both worlds.

With Pinnacle hybrid flooring, you can give your furry friends the run of your home without worry. The final product is highly resistant to wear-and-tear due to a ClawShield™ coating, as well as being 100 percent waterproof*, making it the perfect flooring to accommodate paws, claws and any pet-related mishaps.

What are the most effective methods to care for your hard flooring if accidents, stains and spills occur?

When accidents occur, the best thing to do is to treat the incident as quickly as possible, as the least possible exposure will yield the best possible result. Each flooring will have its own cleaning recommendations but choosing the most durable and resistant surface will give you the greatest window of time when having to clean up.

What should pet owners do to keep their floors in pristine condition?

By maintaining and training your furry friends, you’ll give your floors the best possible chance of a long life. Things like regular nail clipping, keeping them clean and toilet training will give you the best protection against wear-and-tear of your home’s floor.

Choosing a durable flooring material that will resist liquids and stains will keep your floor looking fresh for longer. Keep in mind that flooring substrates are not considered waterproof

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