Confidence standard for clients of Enso

There are no nasty surprises for Enso Homes' customers.

Enso Homes’ standard inclusions means no nasty surprises for clients.

Unlike a lot of volume builders that will price up as extras, Enso includes many items as standard.

“Our goal is to eliminate hidden costs and be completely transparent with our pricing and inclusions,” says sales manager Joanne Fourna.

“I advise my customers to compare overall contract values, or the end price, rather than the base price.

“Feedback that I frequently receive from customers is that once they start upgrading with other builders we actually work out to be better value for money as many of the items they are upgrading are standard with Enso.”

When a customer reaches out to Enso enquiring about the base price of one of its homes, Joanne will mention the base but will also mention average contract value based on previous builds.

“This sets a more realistic expectation for when we start building our initial quote,” Joanne says.

“We have also styled our colour studio packages to make sure that we are catering for all price points/budgets without compromising on the main shell of the home.

Colour inclusions are such a personal thing that customers should have the control and flexibility to build their total contract cost based on their exact needs and preferences but not compromising on the quality of the building shell.”

Joanne explains that the ‘shell’ of a home is the slab/roof/walls/windows/doors/paint finish/ceiling height/insulation.

“It’s how a home is built on our stock standard inclusions with absolutely no upgrades,” she says.

Items that are standard in an Enso home that Joanne believes contribute to an overall superior build quality include (but not limited to):

High levels of insulation enhancing energy rating of homes and influencing ongoing heating and cooling costs of the home over the lifetime of living in your Enso home.

Commercial grade windows and doors – with flyscreens/flydoors and locks.

Higher ceilings

Three-coat paint system

Quality laminate flooring installed under the skirting achieving an architectural streamlined finish.

“I feel that with our unique sales process, we have the time to work with our customers’ budgets advising on how best to achieve the desired outcome at an affordable price,” Joanne says.

“We provide fixed sales quotes to all of our customers with pricing held for 12 months from deposit date, offering our customers a level of certainty and peace of mind going into their colour and electrical appointments to select their personalised upgrades.”

To ensure that Enso Homes are built to the highest possible standard, they limit their site starts per year to focus on the task at hand and not growing the company too quickly.

“Again, this echoes our mission statement of focusing on our customers not our competitors,” Joanne says.

“Even with our limited site starts, we have two skilled construction supervisors employed to oversee all jobs on site, providing them with a portfolio size that enables them to really know and understand the home they are supervising and build a lasting relationship with their customers.

“We have engaged a third party independent building inspection company to oversee all of our projects to keep, not only our trades accountable, but our supervisors – again focusing on delivering a home that customers will be proud to say they built with Enso Homes.”


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