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Ninedots directors Steven and Rebecca Hall connect the dots for homebuyers.

With build opportunities expanding rapidly across regional Victoria, more and more homebuyers are now uncovering the complexities surrounding new home construction.

As building a new home becomes increasingly expensive and at times more complex, more people want to be in control of their build process and are less tolerant of poor outcomes and finishes.

Savvy Geelong homebuyers and investors are increasingly seeking the support of Ninedots Build Advocates to ensure a stress free build.

So, what is a build advocate? And how can they assist you when building a new home or investment property?

A build advocate, or a buyer’s advocate for new home builds, is an industry professional who negotiates, handles and manages the build process on a client’s behalf.

Ninedots is Geelong’s leading team of build advocates who provide their clients with the inside track on all aspects of new home construction including contract clauses, builder selection, hidden catches and known pitfalls so their clients can expertly navigate the new build process with ease.

Ninedots was established in 2013 to provide genuine, unbiased support to buyers looking to build a new home or investment property.

Ninedots directors, husband and wife Rebecca and Steven Hall, assist buyers to navigate the complex construction process from concept to completion, allowing for a seamless build experience with an optimal build outcome.

They help clients to select the right block of land, the best fit builder and the right terms in which to enter into, to ensure the right final product.

Ninedots can secure favourable terms across pricing and inclusions while coordinating and managing the entire build process. During construction they provide site inspections to maintain quality, and work hand in hand with clients to save them countless hours, effort and stress.

Ninedots thoroughly understand the construction process providing the specialist know how required for a successful build.

“We understand all elements of new home construction and won’t just work from your wishlist, but will guide you and work out how to optimise your selections based on our experience, “ Rebecca says.

“This valuable insight saves clients time, money and stress in the long run – lessening their chances of making ill-informed building decisions.”

Ninedots have no direct relationship to any one builder ensuring they remain client focussed. Having said that, many builders enjoy working with Ninedots because they streamline the build process in a collaborative relationship to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.

Metricon’s Regional Manager Simon Taylor says “Ninedots have been great to work with, as they simplify the build process for clients making it an enjoyable build experience”.

“We know clients that Ninedots introduce are perfectly suited to our product so the process really is seamless.”

“Clients say it helps to have someone with the confidence, emotional detachments and knowledge representing them throughout the build.”

“We say, if you can delegate the stress of new home construction to an expert who works for your best interests, why not?”

The best news is Ninedots is uniquely structured to ensure quality assurance and construction support is accessible to all new build customers even those building for the first time or those building on a tight budget.

“Although a lot of our clients are professionals who engage our services to save time and stress, we wanted to create a model that was affordable for first home buyers and those building on a tight budget, as often they’re the ones who need us the most” Rebecca says.

“Unbiased, totally impartial and always on your side, Ninedots is a scalable service available on a pick up, put down basis providing support from as little as $220.”

“We believe there’s immense value in bridging the knowledge gap between builders and buyers and so at Ninedots, that’s what we do.”

Whether based on a volume build design, partial customisation or fully customised, single or multiple townhouse/ unit developments, Ninedots takes the stress and unknown out of the build process saving clients time and money while delivering an optimal build outcome.

“Fortnightly site visits ensure builders deliver on all outcomes and we keep clients informed every step of the way in an easy to understand manner,” Steven says.

“For investors, Ninedots also provides support across the areas of insurance, depreciation and property management. This helps to ensure a standout build without over capitalising.”

Service summary:

• Quote reviews & quote comparisons

• Contract and documentation review

• Land sourcing

• Sub-division support

• Builder selection

• Contract negotiation

• Project management

• Building inspections

• Investment support

• Consulting

• Construction finance

For further information or new build advice, visit, contact Ninedots on 1300 993 683 or email



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