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Michael Craft and Bruce Dargavel, from about barbecues & fireplaces, know how to cook in the great outdoors. (Louisa Jones) 187617

If there is one thing Bruce Dargavel and Michael Craft know, it’s how to barbeque in style.

The about barbeques & fireplaces owners stock a huge range of high-quality products to sizzle a snag or flame grill a burger in the great outdoors.

“Sure you can purchase a more popular brand of fire or barbeque, but at about you purchase the best brands,” Bruce says.

“We strive to treat all our customers with respect, have fun and teach them why we recommend what we recommend. Plus we teach you how to cook an awesome BBQ!”

The Torquay store stocks the best built-in BBQs, mobile trolleys, ceramic low and slows, spit roasts and even kettles.

“The sales guys are trained in all aspects of getting the most out of your preferred BBQ method,” Bruce says.

About is the Premium BeefEater dealer for the area and also stocks Gasmate and Grandfire BBQs and outdoor fridges.

“We have many options to suit your every outdoor cooking desire,” Bruce says.

On show and operating in the Torquay showroom is a big range of BeefEater BUGG Portable Gas Grills.

“The BUGG is the most powerful, controllable, durable and versatile mobile BBQ on the market, and it’s an Australian design,” Bruce says.

For punters wanting to try out low-and-slow style cooking, which is growing in popularity, about is the exclusive dealer of the industry-leading Primo Ceramic Grills from the USA.

“You’re can roast, smoke and BBQ all from one grill using natural charcoal – it just has to be experienced,” Bruce says.

The team at about barbeques & fireplaces also have plenty of advice to help locals get the best out of their equipment.

Whether its fuel type, technique or how best cook anything from the humble snag to a pizza, brisket or roast, they have the tips to light up your outdoor cooking world.

And as their store name suggests, Bruce and Mike know gas log fireplaces too.

About are exclusive dealers of Ortal gas heaters that can go in virtually any area of a room thanks to their the innovative fluing systems.

“No longer are you limited to a heater only being installed on an external wall,” Bruce says.

“This allows you to install the heater virtually anywhere and in turn will dramatically increase the impact that a gas log fire has to your room.”

About barbeques & fireplaces is open 9am to 5pm weekdays and 10am to 3pm weekends at 31 Baines Cres Torquay.

“For all things outdoor cooking call in and discuss what is possible for your backyard!” Bruce says



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