Adding warmth with colour trends

Uncomplicated, warm colour schemes are on trend, according to Dulux's experts.

With a chill still lingering in the air, thoughts naturally turn to making home interiors a cocoon from the outside world.

There’s little doubt that colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a restful sanctuary.

And according to Dulux Australia, this latest trend in painting mood is minimalist, casual yet elegant, with a colour scheme of cool greys and warm natural tones.

Think uncomplicated design combined with pale grey and accents of putty, rust, grey-green and terracotta.

“Colour is a powerful decorating tool,” says Dulux’s colour and communications manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr.

“It can change the mood of a space and elicit emotions in those who spend time there – whether it‘s a cosy and inviting living room that encourages guests to relax and settle in or a bedroom that feels calm and restful the moment you step foot in it.”

Ms Lucena-Orr also says sometimes small changes can create all the impact needed when updating colour schemes, and those cautious about introducing colour should “start small”.

“Look to add colour accents in unexpected spots, such as behind shelving, on the edge of doors or around a window frame,” she advises.

“Or experiment with one of the season’s biggest colour trends – the tonal look – by using different shades or strengths of the one colour on walls, details and even furniture.”

The key to making colour work in your home is to understand the mood you want to create, Ms Lucena-Orr says.

“Knowing whether you want to add light and energy to a space, create a sense of drama, or set a calm, nurturing feel will give you the confidence to balance neutrals, brights and deeper shades.

“Colour is enormous fun, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. And the best thing of all about paint, if you decide on a new colour down the track, you can simply paint over it.”


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