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Building a new home is a very exciting time, but the sheer volume of options can become overwhelming. Whatever your personal style is, whether it is luxe industrial, modern coastal or contemporary, adding timber to the interior of your home always adds a sense of warmth and luxury without breaking the budget.

Timber has been used to decorate the interiors of homes for centuries because of its innate beauty, uniqueness and malleability.
A well-made timber piece with a simple silhouette has a timelessness that sees it always in style with a quality that lasts for decades.
The beauty of commissioning a piece of custom furniture is that you get to design the style, function and size to ensure it is the perfect fit for you and your home.
Adding timber to the interior of your home does not need to be an expensive exercise.
A couple of simple timber shelves can completely transform a space. By commissioning a custom piece, you are able to dictate the budget that you need to work within and suggestions can be made on what timber and design to choose to stay within your budget.
Using timber in the interior of your home not only adds beauty, it also adds value. Unlike most other materials used in building a house, solid timber gets better with age and is fixable.
The natural oil and wax finish that we use on the timber leaves it looking and feeling like timber while protecting it from water and stains. The best part about this finish is that it is repairable. Small scratches disappear before your eyes with the application of the maintenance oil and larger damage can be spot sanded with a new application of the finish.
At Bombora, we create both custom furniture pieces such as dining tables, beds and buffets as well as inbuilt items such as solid timber vanities, floating desks and entertainment units. Contact Alison to discuss your project on 0407 906 799 or via


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