Brax, Newtown – Warm up your home this winter

Keeping a home warmer in winter starts with the windows

So much heat can be lost through uncovered glass which can be felt by just touching the glass.
Research shows that up to 30 per cent of heat loss in a home occurs through uncovered windows.
There are roller blinds on the south of homes that are only ever used in the colder months, for exactly that reason.
They are hidden away under pelmets so they are not noticed until they are needed.
These windows are double glazed, but it’s incredible the difference the extra layer of insulation can make.
There are plenty of options dressing your windows but some will provide better insulation benefits than others.
The important thing to remember is that hot air is drawn down and out through the glass so having close fitting blinds and a blind with a solid top or covering blinds with a pelmet will prevent this convection effect.
By far the most superior blind available for insulation is the Duette Architella Shades range, from Luxaflex.
These unique cellular honeycomb blinds feature a contemporary look while providing efficient insulation – featuring a cell within a cell structure, with three distinct air pockets that are designed to trap air and deflect heat, helping to reduce heating costs.
Duette shades are available in a range of operating options, including motorisation using PowerView that effectively integrates blinds into a home automation system or are able to be operated via remote control or app control via a smartphone or tablet.
There’s also the ability to set and program them to open and close at certain times of the day – which means they can be set to close and keep a home warm on those nights when residents are home late.
Often considered an old fashioned option, fully lined drapes or curtains, once again paired with a pelmet are also a highly effective insulator against heat loss.
Drapes really are something people either like or don’t like, often depending on your past experiences with them.
They have become quite popular again recently.
They not only insulate well, they also provide great light blockout, making them perfect for bedrooms.
Fabric choices for curtains are almost endless, with prints and plains, through to linens, silks and textured options.
Velvet is another fabric that has seen a resurge in popularity and lends itself well to being used for drapes, giving a richness and warmth that comes from both the choice of fabric and the insulation benefits the drapes provide.
When it comes to choosing pelmets, simple is often best. A plain timber pelmet will provide the desired extra insulation, and can be painted to match the wall allowing it to blend seamlessly into existing decor.
Having something on windows is better than nothing.
For further information contact Cal Stewart at Brax, 332 Pakington St, Newtown, telephone 5221 5533.

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