Susan Pehar blends style and sophistication with form and function.

RIPPLESIDE’S Susan Pehar developed her love for interior design in the mid-90s sprucing up the office of her first workplace – a Richmond Law firm.
“I would purchase flowers and designer stationary,” the mother-of-three says. “I would go into the boss’ office and rearrange his desk.”
“My mum would redecorate her house all the time, and I picked up these attributes from her which, in turn, influenced me.”
Her path changed completely when she and her husband moved to Geelong West in 1998 and renovated their home.
“The process completely enriched me, and I gave up the law for a diploma in interior design and decoration,” she says.
In 2009, Susan launched ducksnest. a boutique contemporary design service, which blends style and sophistication with form and function.
She enjoys working with clients in fine detail to create a unique vision for their home, within their budget.
“I embrace every aspect of the design process,” she says. “It’s so gratifying to see customers happy with the end result.”
From masterminding an iconic cafe’s new look to giving new life to a family home, ducksnest. collaborates with commercial and residential clients to create modern classics.
“If you want timeless modern appeal, let’s talk,” Susan says.
Whether it’s a new build or the reimagining of a single room, ducknest. provides each client with a customised holistic look, Susan says.
“Services start from the ground up, with expert consultation on interior lighting concepts, flooring options, and bathroom and kitchen joinery and surfaces.”
Susan goes on a journey with her clients from concept to delivery.
Clients have full, unhurried access to her extensive design library of materials and finishes for specifying in commercial and residential applications.
“I am drawn to organic, beautiful products and I have a passion for quality furniture, unique rugs and designer lighting,” she says.
“In my own home, I prefer green plants that I can nurture over cut flowers and admire an amazing Hermon and Hermon lamp bought years ago over candles.”
Susan’s services include in spatial planning, furniture colour consultations, lighting and decor concepts, window furnishings and a re-upholstery aspect.
She sources home wares to create a beautiful home or business, as well as a collection of designer European furniture pieces by Artisan.
“I appreciate natural timbers and artwork – Emma Hack is one of my favorite artists – however, I am most inspired when I’m on the road visiting regional Victoria,” she says.
“I’m influenced by the clean lines of Scandinavian and Japanese design and I don’t embrace clutter. It’s more about statement pieces, big chairs, an exciting rug and handmade ceramics.”
“My best tip? Less is more.”
ducksnest. is situated at Rear 33 Little Ryrie Street, Geelong, Telephone: 5224 1444, info@ducksnest.com.au